No closing cost reverse mortgage

Our no closing cost reverse mortgage is available to qualifying borrowers.

Here are the features:

True no lender closing cost reverse mortgage- these closing costs are eliminated entirely and will never be added to the balance of your loan.

This means no title fees, no origination fees, no underwriting or processing fees. Your appraisal fee and counseling fee can even be reimbursed to you at closing.

Other lenders may promise no upfront cost or no out of pocket costs. These loans generally add the closing costs to the balance of your loan, but you are still charged the fees.

This option may help you qualify if you did not qualify before. Because no closing costs are charged you will net thousands more in loan funds than you would with standard reverse mortgages.

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Reverse My Mortgage does not collect or charge any fees for the service provided on this site including the reverse mortgage calculator.  Reverse My Mortgage, LLC does not charge fees for any other service provided to consumers. However, Reverse My Mortgage, LLC approved lenders may have fees associated with closing a reverse mortgage.  We encourage you to review all their fees and procedures prior to closing a reverse mortgage loan.