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Reverse My Mortgage offers financial consulting to all Colorado senior citizens who want to learn more about reverse mortgages and how they can impact their lifestyles. Please use our Reverse Mortgage Calculator.

Itís the American dream to retire and live out your golden years in the home that you arduously worked hard to acquire. Unfortunately, many retirees find that with limited Social Security benefits and a tight economy that they are unable to live the lifestyle they had dreamed of following retirement. However, Denver reverse mortgages are quickly becoming the solution of choice for seniors everywhere.

So what exactly is a reverse mortgage?

These loans are available to Denver seniors age 62 and older who own their home outright or have smaller mortgages. Based on a portion of the homeís equity, the bank makes payments to the homeowner in cash. This reverse mortgage does not have to repay to the bank unless the retiree sells the home or moves out. Reverse Mortgages are backed by the FHA, ensuring that your assets are protected. It allows you to leave your home and the remaining equity to your loved ones. You no longer will have monthly payments and can receive the money as a lump sum, monthly payments, or a lump sum.

For many senior citizens, Colorado reverse mortgages sound like an advantageous plan; they do a little research and sign up, without fully maximizing the benefits that can come from working with an expert in the financial field. For seniors interested in applying for reverse mortgages, Reverse My Mortgage highly recommends their personal assistance. To make the process easier on seniors, the representatives from this company offer financial consulting services and assistance to anyone interested in Denver reverse mortgages. Educating seniors more about these loans helps them make the decision and demonstrates whether or not it will impact their lifestyle for the better.

One of the common misconceptions about reverse mortgages is that there are large fees associated with reverse mortgage loans. However, this is not true. These fees are much lower than early retirement penalties and any fees originating from the loan are mostly associated with the insurance coverage. It differs from a home equity loan in that there arenít any money payments. Reverse My Mortgage offers assistance to Colorado seniors over the age of 62 who are interested in finding a way to supplement their income.